Lets meet!

Let’s talk about screening!!

New friends

For all new friends, please fill out my contact form or email me with your name, phone number and e-mail address. Also a quick “about me” with your age and ethnicity included.

I will also need at least two verified providers to vouch for you.

 What if I’ve never seen a provider?!

Procedure if you do not have references:

Your full, real name.
Your cell number.
Your place of business and position held there.
Your Business’s website.
A contact number for your business, and your extension there.
Please send me an email from your work email account to me.
Please send me a pic of yourself holding your license in one hand  Please blur out everything except your name and picture.

But Laila, we’ve already met?!

If you have met me before, please email me directly to let me know when you would like to get together.

I don’t want give you my personal and business information

If you are willing to follow all of these steps to ensure our safety, I will be ready to see you without references. Otherwise, please contact me in the future, when you have them. For reasons of personal safety, this is the procedure that I follow.

 I want to meet with you